Please see below for the frequently asked questions that parents who are considering placing their children in our Barnwood Nursery typically like to know. 
How do I book a place for my child at All My Friends? 
Simply speak with the manager to check that a place is available for the sessions you require. Then complete and return the Registration Form, together with the Registration Fee to reserve the space. 
Will you accept my child into nursery if he/she has a minor illness? 
Where we can, we will always try to help parents to go to work by accepting children who are ‘under the weather’ e.g. with colds and other minor infections that do not present a significant risk to other children.  
However we ask you not to send your child to nursery if they are suffering from any infectious disease, sickness or diarrhoea or have an undiagnosed rash, to avoid spread of the condition amongst vulnerable babies and children and the staff who care for them. 
What should my child wear to nursery? 
Clothing should be comfortable and practical. Whilst we make every effort to protect the children’s clothing during messy activities, they do get dirty, so it is better not to send your child in their ‘Sunday best’! We would also ask you to supply a change of clothes, ‘just in case’, particularly for babies.  
The children enjoy spending time outside in most weathers, so a coat is needed for cooler weather and sun cream and hats are required in the summer. Please ensure that all clothing is marked with your child’s full name. 
How can I be certain that my child will be secure at All My Friends? 
The premises are secured at all times and entry can only be gained via the front door, which is controlled by the setting manager or a deputy. We provide a biometric system so only those people who have been registered to collect your child will be permitted to enter the building.  
To assist parents in situations where they are unable to collect their children, we operate a password system that will enable the parent to nominate a friend or relative to help out. 
What happens if I am late to collect my child? 
We will, of course, continue to care for your child until you or your nominated representative can reach All My Friends.  
We understand that delays are sometimes unavoidable and as long as you make every effort to let us know and the late collection does not become a regular occurrence, we will not impose additional charges. 
Where can I see your company policies? 
A complete set of our policies is available to view at our Barnwood Nursery and we will shortly also provide online links to them here. 
What happens if my child becomes unwell at nursery? 
We will telephone to advise you and request that you collect him/her. If you are unavailable, we will call other authorised contact numbers that you have supplied.  
In the event of an emergency, we would contact the emergency services and accompany your child to hospital, remaining with him/her until you arrived. 
How do I pay? 
We invoice parents each month and fees are payable in advance, at the beginning of each month. We accept payment by BACS, debit card, standing order, childcare vouchers and cash.  
Where children aged 2 and above are eligible for Government-funded sessions, parents will only be invoiced for any sessions their child attends in excess of their entitlement (currently 15 hours per week during term time). 
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