Partnership with Parents

  • We take care to maintain effective communications with parents and promote a strong partnership approach.

    Parents/carers are their children’s primary educators and we recognise the role you have already played in the early education of your child. Your continued involvement is crucial to their development and we will ensure that you are fully informed of your child’s progress and achievements at nursery or pre-school. 

    We would ask that you also keep us in touch with anything from their home life that will assist us in caring for them/helping them to develop new skills. Opportunities for learning provided in the nursery can be continued in the home e.g. reading and sharing books and experiences initiated in the home are often used as stimuli for learning at the nursery. 

    We operate a key person system at all our settings to ensure that each child has consistency of care while they are with us. The key person’s focus is on building a close and nurturing relationship with your child to help them to feel that they have a ‘special person’ to turn to when their parents or carers are not there. The key persons record each child’s developmental progress and share information with parents on a daily basis, as well as providing periodic written updates.

    Most importantly, the setting managers and each child’s key person are always available to discuss a child’s development, progress or other matters with parents.