• Nursery and Pre-School in Gloucester

    The All My Friends Childcare group includes a 70 place day nursery and a 30 place pre-school offering high quality care and education for children aged 3 months to 5 years.
  • Barnwood Nursery

    3 Months - 5 Years
  • Hucclecote Pre-School

    2-5 Years

    We aim to make parents and carers’ lives as easy as possible during the busy working week by providing everything that the children need during their time with us. We also appreciate how worrying it can be when you first leave your children at nursery – how will they settle? During your introductory sessions, we will introduce you to the team member who will become your child’s ‘Key Person’ at nursery or pre-school i.e. the person who will be their primary carer at the setting. The Key Person will agree with you how and when you want us to keep you in touch with your child’s day, to make sure that you and your child feel settled and confident as soon as possible.

    Our ongoing practice is to work closely in partnership with parents and carers to ensure continuity of care between each child’s home and All My Friends environments. This approach ensures that the children feel safe, secure and comfortable when they are with us and helps us to better understand how we can meet the individual needs of each child and assist with his/her development.

    • My daughter attended this nursery from the age of 9 months. By the time she left to go to school she was so ready and had turned into a well-mannered, intelligent young girl who I was/am very proud of. I also have a son with additional needs who currently attends the nursery and I could not be happier about his development. All the staff there are great with my son and are helpful/supportive to me whenever needed.

  • Our well qualified and experienced team is committed to providing a wide variety of play experiences for the children to enjoy with their friends that will help them to learn about the world around them. We encourage positive behaviour from the children by offering praise and encouragement and celebrating their individual and collective achievements.

    Throughout their time with us at nursery and pre-school we follow the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage framework, encouraging each child to develop a positive self-image and achieve a level of independence and social awareness that will support all aspects of their development and in due course enable them to cope well with the transition from nursery to school.

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